Logo Explained
Our logo ensembles the ancient semi-circular blade attached to a short handle, used for cutting grain or tall grass. It is also the cutting mechanism of a reaper or mower.

In that same age old purpose of an implement, Ngoato Attorneys, stands in the celebrated history of a jurisprudence that proves effective in astuteness of mind and a humility of service.

Just as the ancient traveller used this implement as a means to carve a path that made travelling possible, so Ngoato Attorneys in razor sharpness of analytical mind stands out in didactic application of legal pursuit creating a path for justice to emerge and pronounce.

In that same true ancient application Ngoato Attorneys strives to create a path for its clients often when the there is none.

Our logo lastly characterises the capitals of NA (Ngoato Attorneys) in artistic rendition.

Our corporate colours project an earthy feel texture and design template – this for us speaks directly to what we deem a sign of humility and our direct linking to the basics as non negotiable.

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